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LeafGuard of SE Wisconsin

Shingle Styles & Colors

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Banish boring and make your roof the focal point of your home with these elegant shingles.

Lifetime Designer Shingles

Asphalt roofs win favor with homeowners over materials such as slate and wood because they’re aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and cost effective. Selecting GAF Ultra-Premium Designer Shingles is an important step a homeowner can take towards worry-free home ownership. Here’s why:

  • Insurance savings because the shingles have received a UL Class A fire rating
  • StainGuard®’s patented technology eliminates the possibility of unsightly algae and mold growing on your roof and causing damage
  • GAF Lifetime Designer Shingles are offered in an array of colors and styles offer endless ways to make your home the best-looking in the neighborhood


Ultra-Premium Collection Camelot®

Beautifully manufactured, Camelot® shingles are crafted in artistic configurations. Oversize tabs create a dramatic effect. Their longevity and price point make them more appealing than slate or wood shakes.

Ultra-Premium Collection Glenwood®

The most authentic wood-shake looking asphalt shingles available in today’s marketplace are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to achieve a rustic look at a cost significantly less than wood shakes.

Ultra-Premium Collection Grand Canyon®

Lauded for their robustness & potency, this line of shingles commands attention.

Value Collection Camelot® II

Budget-conscious homeowners appreciate the muted contours of the shingles that closely imitate the Camelot® collection.

Value Collection Grand Sequoia®

Created as a nod to European architecture, this shingle line creates a captivating visual, yet affordable contrast.

Value Collection Sienna®

Noted for their modern, yet discerning aesthetics, this line of shingles is worth the investment they are over the cost of mundane architectural shingles.


Recognized as the continent’s best-selling roof, there are countless reasons why homeowners choose to have them installed. Offered at an unbelievable rate, they are lauded for their perfect harmony of practicality and beauty. Homeowners that have had them installed appreciate the appealing color selection, geometric pattern, StainGuard® Protection, and resistance wind speeds of up to 130 mph.

HD® Collection

This collection offers the look of wood shakes through the utilization of distinct color lines and enhanced shadow effect.

American Harvest® Collection

Timberline® American Harvest® shingles are manufactured in trendy, yet timeless hues to create a polished architectural look at a reasonable price.

Ultra HD® Collection

Timberline® Ultra HD Shingles are composed of layers over twice as thick as basic architectural shingles. They have a lessened carbon footprint thanks to the Advanced Protection® Technology they’re manufactured with.


Reduced insurance Rates: Many major insurance companies award discount after shingle installation because they pass UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Test.

Hail Resistance: Ordinary shingles crack immediately within coming in contact with hail. However, Timberline® Specialty Lifetime Shingles pass UL’s most toughest impact test, the UL 2218 Calls 4, certifying that they fail to show indications of cracks or ruptures on both sides after significant hail impact.

Exemplary Wind Performance: Through the utilization of Dura Grip™ Adhesive, Timberline® Specialty Lifetime shingles meet Class F wind rating which is the highest possible classification offered from Underwriters Laboratories.

Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles

These shingles utilize the laws of reflectivity to lower temperatures within a home’s attic, saving homeowners time and money.

Timberline® ArmourShield® Shingles

 This line combines the beauty of Timberline® shingles and satisfaction of intensified hail resistance. Confer with your insurance company to see what kind of discounts are available to homeowners that install this product.

Grand Sequoia® ArmourShield® Shingles

 Through substantial testing, Grand Sequoia® ArmourShield® Shingles earned the highest wind rating through Underwriters Laboratories. This is made possible through the shingle’s Dura Grip™ Adhesive, which reduces the chances of shingle blow-off in high wind speeds. Their UL 2218 Class 4 Impact test result may also qualify for insurance savings.




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