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Standard Window Size or Custom Built?

15 November 2016

Shopping around for windows? Lucky you! Unless you are someone who works in construction, real estate, or window sales, you might be feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the information out there. There’s a lot of pressure to get your window purchase right because windows are an investment most homeowners only want to make once in a lifetime. As if the pressure of an important investment isn’t enough, windows can be a confusing purchase because you have to make a ton of decisions from window type, style, material, size, etc.  While we can’t help you make any personal stylistic choices, but we can help you decide between standard sizing or custom built windows. Here’s a short list of pros and cons of each.

Why Decide Between Standard or Custom Windows? 

There are a few common sizes in which all styles of windows are mass produced. If you’re just replacing a window, and the window in question is very close to one of the standard sizes, it is probably easiest to just go with a standard size window; however, if you are doing a total remodel or building your home, you do have some major considerations to make.

Standard Window Size


Cost: Considering the financial burden that comes with purchasing new windows, probably the biggest advantage of going with a standard sized window is the cost. Standard size windows can be purchased from a box store and are cheaper than custom windows.

Window Treatments: Everything relating to windows is expensive, including window treatments. If you decide to do standard windows, your life will be a little bit easier, and your billfold a little bit fuller, when you go to purchase window treatments.


If you are very handy, or know someone who is, you could DIY this project and save yourself some extra scratch.


Fit: Your window opening might not be exactly standard size. Although there are lots of tricks you can do to either enlarge or reduce the size of your window opening, you might never get the window to fit as perfectly as a custom built window.

Fewer Options: When you buy standard size windows from a box store, you have fewer options as far as style goes. If you don’t care that much, then maybe this isn’t a huge “con” for you. However, since you’ll be paying a lot of money, it’s important to get exactly what you want.

Custom-Built Window Size


Exactly What You Want: With custom windows, you have tons of options as far as size, materials, and embellishments. Spend time deciding exactly what you want and love your windows forever.


Cost: This disadvantage is a big one. By now you know that custom windows are typically more expensive than standard size windows. If your bottom dollar is your bottom line, you should go with standard sized windows.

Window Treatments: As mentioned earlier, you will likely need to have custom-made window treatments if you go the custom window route. This will be an added expense to your already expensive project.