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Don’t Let Your Spare Bedroom Sit Vacant

14 February 2017

One of the major decisions homeowners need to make is what to do with their spare bedrooms. This is a trickier decision than you might immediately think because spare bedrooms are only useful when you are hosting guests; when you don’t have guests–probably the majority of your time–a spare bedroom is wasted space. Rather than letting your spare bedroom sit vacant, make it multipurpose. At LeafGuard, we want your home to be as efficient as our maintenance-free gutters; here are some ideas to maximize the utility of your spares.

Guest Room + Office
An obvious first option for a multipurpose spare is a home office. Having a multipurpose home office is great: it will make you feel super organized by finally finding a home for all those piles of mail, and you will still have room for guests when they visit. Just imagine your entry area free from junk mail, flyers, and bills. Got a junk drawer problem? Not anymore. With a home office, you’ll have plenty of space for all those pens, receipts, and oddball coupons that find their way into that one drawer in your kitchen. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? When you have guests stay over, no problem–you have a room for them. A guest room + home office is a super popular multipurpose room option; there are literally thousands of spare bedroom/home office tips and tricks out there on the Internet. If you are tight on space, consider a murphy bed, a daybed or a futon rather than a full or queen freestanding bed.

Guest Room + Sewing/Crafting Room
If you are the crafty type, you probably know that you can rack up a ton of stuff. And all that craft stuff finds its way into every room in the house. Contain it! What could be a better idea for your spare? Here’s the thing with craft rooms, you will need some kind of unit that will organize your items, so keep that in mind when considering the bed size and other miscellaneous furniture for your space. Also, a great idea if you are short on space is to use the closet as your sewing area. Guests won’t need the closet anyway, you might as well maximize the space you have! Remove the closet doors to keep your space open all the time, or keep the closet doors and have the ability to hide your supplies away.

Guest Room + Yoga Studio 
Yoga classes are rejuvenating for your mind, body, and spirit. They can also be an expensive luxury. Save some money and put the “om” in home with a guest room that doubles as your personal yoga studio. This is by far the easiest multipurpose spare bedroom idea as yoga materials are small and few in numbers. If you’re a low maintenance yogi, you could literally just store your yoga stuff in the guest room’s closet and roll out your mat when you’re ready to stretch. If you want to get a little fancier, you’ll add a large mirror and other soothing items like a candle shrine. Check out these home yoga studio pictures to get some ideas.

Guest Room + Man Cave
Hey! Here’s another easy idea to have a multipurpose spare–the man cave/spare duo. This would be a particularly good idea if your spare bedroom happens to be in your basement…and you need some space to house all your “man stuff.” The basic man cave would need comfortable seating, a large television, and something to chill your refreshments. If your spare is large enough for a couch and a bed, cool! Go for it. If you’re a little tighter on space, or just want to make room for that kegerator, think about a fold out couch that has a bed comfortable enough for your guests.