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Leave Space in the Garden Plans for the Kids

If you are thinking of revamping your front or back yard this year, planning should be a big part of your preparation. Coming up with a workable garden plan in your head is great; getting your plans on paper is even better. Explore your options by developing a full garden plan that incorporates everything from layout to your choice of plantings. Use this as a guide with the family to ensure your garden plans are brought to life this spring. Just be sure to make it fun!

For many families, children are a big part of outdoor life and exploration, so getting the kids involved would not only be a great help for you but a learning experience for them as well. You may worry about kids stepping on the plants or not mastering a certain technical skill; however, with proper direction, you can make the family garden just that: a family endeavor. Of course, it all starts with a plan.

  • Designate a plot or bed just for the kids. They will have a higher level of interest and responsibility if they know one set area is just for them.
  • Start out small to accommodate the size of your littlest gardeners as well as to manage the area in the most efficient way possible. A 3’ x 3′ plot is ideal.
  • Show them once how to plant and then stand back and let them do it. Sure, the rows may be crooked or there may be some crowding, but this is their creation, not yours.
  • Choose plants wisely. Kids need easy to maintain plants like spinach, lettuce, radishes, beans and sunflowers.
  • Make daily maintenance fun. Since it can be difficult sometimes to get kids motivated to do work, make tending the garden as fun as possible. Come up with a list of things they need to do to keep their garden growing, such as watering, weeding and harvesting.
  • Give them cups to get water from a larger bucket rather than use a watering can. This allows you to control water distribution. Teach them to pour the water at the root of the plant rather than on the leaves.
  • Get them in on the best part: harvesting. Have the kids go out and pick the day’s harvest for inclusion in the nightly supper, from cherry tomatoes to beans to strawberries.

Creating a garden can help you fully enjoy spring and summer, leading to a bountiful harvest each night as you pick your own fresh fruits and veggies. However, there may be other areas of your property that need attention, such as your gutters. To ensure proper drainage, they should be clog-free and work seamlessly. That’s where LeafGuard® of SE Wisconsin comes in, offering you a patented one-piece seamless gutter system guaranteed never to clog or we clean them for free.