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De-clutter Your Home Office

August 10th, 2016 by

Cluttered desk with paper

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It’s happened to the best of us. You all of a sudden need to find that super important piece of mail, and you KNOW it’s on your desk, but you can’t find it. Cue panic and negative self-talk about your desk “organization.” Naturally, a ton of shuffling through paper desk silos occurs next. Then a re-shuffle. Then a slow, more purposeful one-by-one search for said paper. Admit it, you’ve been there. Maybe your “system” of organized chaos isn’t quite working for you. We’re here to help! At LeafGuard, we declutter your gutters with our maintenance-free products, and we’ve got a few ideas that can help declutter your desk, too.


What Easy Things Can I do to De-Clutter?

We know that a clean desk is a productive desk. A tidy desk helps you to stay focused, and it eliminates procrastination by keeping that “I need to clean my desk before I can get to work” excuse at the wayside. Luckily, there are a ton of things that you can do to easily declutter your desk. Google-ing “organization tips” can send you down a pretty deep rabbit hole. So here are five easy things that anybody can do to keep their desk in ship shape:


Hanging White Erase Calendar


Desk calendars are incredibly convenient. They are also, um, ON YOUR DESK. They’re inherently clutter-y. At the same time, calendars are really important for busy families. Grab a white erase calendar at either of the Milwaukee Target Locations, or if you’re feeling fancy, head to the Wauwatosa Pottery Barn for an upscale calendar.

White board Calendar

Image via scrapbook.com


Hanging Chalkboard and/or Bulletin Boards

Hanging a chalkboard and/or bulletin board might be a smart idea if you’re the kind of person who prefers to write reminders on post-its or scraps of paper to the iPhone “Reminders” app. A chalkboard can be a cute and nostalgic way to jazz up your home office, and a bulletin board is perfect for pinning those loose scraps of paper to something; it keeps them visible to you and, conveniently, not lost. Win-win.

Blackboard, folders and whiteboard calendar

Image via potterybarn.com


Hanging Buckets for Writing Utensils or other Miscellany

We haven’t even touched on a disorganized person’s achilles’ heel: drawers. Drawers are the worst because you can’t see the mess…but it’s there. Help yourself out by removing some typical drawer items. Pens, pencils, paper clips, Post-Its, etc. can all be kept in hanging buckets. Not only are these convenient and easy to keep organized, they’re sleek. This an idea that not only helps you to stay organized, but ends up giving your office a bit of a face lift.

Hanging buckets with numbers

Image via seevanessacraft.com


Hanging Files for each Person

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your mail? You love it because it necessary, but you hate it because it collects on every flat surface possible in your home: the couch arm, the coffee table, the hutch, the kitchen counter. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take care of your mail right away and file it, shred it, or toss it right away, you might want to check out using a file system for each person. You can get a hanging file system from any of Milwaukee’s office supply stores, but if you’re a de-cluttering procrastinator, you can get one from IKEA when the Oak Creek IKEA opens in 2018 (Wisconsin’s first IKEA!).

Hanging files with persons name

Image via seevanessacraft.com


File Cabinet Categories

File cabinets are great and can be extremely helpful. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to organize that! We have a list of five categories that can help you:

  1. Important Documents: birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, immigration papers, driver’s license, social security cards, etc.
  2. Vehicle Information: title, lease documents, maintenance, insurance, etc.
  3. Medical: insurance, a file for everyone in your household with vaccinations and any other necessary records, etc.
  4. Finance: tax documents, 401k/pension, checking and saving account statements, credit card info, etc.
  5. Education: transcripts, degrees, diplomas, special certificates, etc.


At LeafGuard, we like to help you keep your life easy and maintenance-free. Tackle your desk, and call us about our maintenance-free, always de-cluttered gutters.

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