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Colorful Patio Design Ideas

May 17th, 2016 by

Sunlit Patio with round Table and Chairs

Image via heidimaria on Pixabay


Color makes any patio pop, so why not incorporate a variety of hues to give your backyard that extra something special? This spring, get going on a colorful, cohesive patio look that can complement the surrounding landscape and boost the appearance of your home overall. Check out these patio design ideas that are bursting with color.

Gardening with Kids

Incorporating color into a patio garden is even more fun when you have kids to help you. Have them choose a few colors they’d like to see and then pick out plants that achieve that goal. According to Edible Milwaukee, when asking little kids what they want to plant in the garden, limit it to three choices and increase their responsibility with age. For green, go with spinach or lettuce, for red go with strawberries or radishes and for yellow try some sunflowers. Go with easy-to-pick items as well, such as cherry tomatoes, peas, and beans.

Colorful Flooring

Utilize the space you have wisely. You don’t have to have a large patio with big pavers; you just need the right flooring for texture. Bricks bring in a red rustic feature while flagstones can be purchased in a variety of tones and hues, such as slate gray, blue, beige, rust, and red. Same goes with crushed gravel, which also comes in various shades. Position a simple wrought iron table for two in black, then complement them with matching chairs featuring colorful floral designs on the padding. This turns a classic design element into a colorful one in just one step.

Accents that Wow

You don’t have to give your whole patio a makeover to add color. If you already have a beige patio set, no need to go out and buy a whole new one in a funky pattern. Instead, choose accents like a bright yellow umbrella or patterned chair pads with throw pillows in a swirl pattern for the most effect. The best part is, you can switch out these accents throughout the seasons to reflect your mood or a holiday. You can even add an indoor/outdoor rug in bold green and blue stripes for added effect.

Add Depth

If you have a covered sunroom or porch, consider painting the ceiling a contrasting color from the walls and floors, suggests Better Homes and Gardens. Even a subtle shift, such as light marine blue, can bring a unique feel to any space.


Once you’ve come up with a plan for patio design ideas, it’s time to put it all into action. Adding color to your patio will certainly make it more a more inviting and comfortable space.
Have an expert take a look around the rest of the property to ensure you will get proper drainage and protection for your new space.

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