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Creative Uses for Old Rain Gutters

January 21st, 2016 by

Old gutters growing plants

Photo via Acid Pix on Flickr

Are you starting to get stir crazy with the cold weather of winter keeping you inside? You need to keep busy! If you’re a crafty person, and you have some used gutters around the house, you may want to think about using old gutters as your next project. The possibilities are endless, from painting your gutters to using them in creative ways such as planters.

Here we’ll show you how to paint gutters and give you some general ideas for repurposing old gutters.

Shoe Racks

Do you have so many shoes you’re running out of space for boxes? Mount two or three levels of gutters inside your closet for a homemade shoe rack. Hook high heeled shoes over the side, and place flat shoes such as flip flops vertically within the gutters.

This idea could also work for a mud room or foyer closet to dry off shoes on wet and snowy days.


Why not grow some herbs or even strawberries in your old rain gutters? Simply hang sections of gutter on the wall, seal with end caps, and fill with seeds and soil. Just be careful not to over-water as there is no drainage system when you have indoor planters.

Ribbon Storage

Save on floor space with old gutters used for ribbon storage in your craft room. Place the rolls in the gutters with the ribbons overhanging. You can easily see what you have, roll out the desired length, and snip. You can do this as kitty-corner book shelves for a baby’s nursery too, says Bob Vila.

Cable Holders

Are your TV and computer cables cluttering up your living room? Shield all those ugly cables and wires from view with old gutters. Just mount a section of your old gutters on the wall or underside of your desk and lay all the cables within it. No more exposed wires crawling down your walls!

Gutter Art

Bring out your creative side and make some gutter art. From graffiti to painted masterpieces, repurpose old gutters and bring them back to life as eye-catching works of art.

Painting Your Gutters

Once you clean and prime the gutters, you can choose from a couple different methods of paint application. You can use a paint sprayer but you’ll have to cover areas you don’t want painted. Hold the nozzle a foot away from the gutters and apply controlled back and forth motions for an even coating. You could also use brushes and rolls. Use painter’s tape for detail work and brush or roll in one direction, evening out any streaks or globs as you go. Let dry for a day, then apply a second coat if needed.

If you can’t wait to get your old gutters off of your home to bring them inside for the next craft project, contact our gutter experts and learn about the clog-free options we can install on your home.

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